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Make your event memorable!!!


Shade is known for his versatility, humour, and charm. His experience is so varied it makes him perfect for practically any occasion. He is a very able organist, this has seen him lead worship through countless church services, wedding ceremonies and funerals.

Providing background piano music for drink's nights, after wedding functions, meals, and birthdays has always allowed Shade to add that touch of class and elegance to these functions.

Various choirs in the North West have enjoyed the services of Shade, with his fantastic accompaniment on piano, or using his skills as a conductor, leading them swiftly and easily through their choral works, or hiring Shade for a workshop.

Shade's love of music is shown in his eagerness to help anyone wanting to further their own skills and knowledge in their field, aiding students through graded exams, Diplomas, GCSE's, A-level, and theory.

Shade's extensive knowledge of musicals range from Broadway to operettas.

The list can go on, but you get the picture.

Clearly there is no reason to ever be stuck for a musician again, no matter what your needs are. Shade is quick to adapt and make your occasion musically the best it can be, so feel free to contact him with any queries you have.




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